Motion HDX-V Bluetooth 5.0 & MESH Intercom Headset - Single Kit

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The UCLEAR MOTION HDX-V is the further development of the MOTION Infinity and also offers... more
Product information "Motion HDX-V Bluetooth 5.0 & MESH Intercom Headset - Single Kit"

The UCLEAR MOTION HDX-V is the further development of the MOTION Infinity and also offers unrivalled voice control thanks to an AI chip. Buttons therefore hardly ever need to be searched for and operated. There are also voice commands for controlling the well-known GoPro action cameras (from GoPro 9) and for controlling Bluetooth-enabled PTT radios (walkie-talkies). The Motion series is the first communication system to use the latest Bluetooth version 5.0 with DYNA mesh and standard Bluetooth intercom simultaneously and absolutely seamlessly, as unlike other manufacturers, there is no technology change between Bluetooth and MESH function. The Motion series remains compatible with all older Bluetooth devices such as smartphones, telephones, MP3 players, GPS/navigation systems and can even connect to third-party headsets via U-PAIR Universal Intercom, even if they do not have an intercom function. Thanks to the new OBI (Open Bluetooth Intercom) profile, which was developed in co-operation with CARDO and MIDLAND, the telephone function and GPS announcements are also retained when connecting to these manufacturers.

Like the Motion Infinity, the UCLEAR HDX-V also offers the U-SAFE Crash Sensor, an accident notification system that can send an accident alert message to up to three previously saved contacts via SMS / email together with the GPS position on a map if the helmet is hit hard. Particularly when travelling solo and away from busy roads, help can be requested quickly after an accident via the notified contacts if you are no longer able to do so yourself.

The MOTION series also offers the U-MOVE motion sensor, which switches the headset on automatically as soon as the helmet is moved and switches it off again after a few minutes without movement to save power. If you forget to switch off the headset after a ride, the U-MOVE on/off function ensures that the battery is never fully discharged, so that you can start your next ride without recharging.  
The U-PROMPT voice output of the Motion series provides feedback on the most important functions. Various functions can be called up using the U-COMMAND voice commands, which have now been further improved and expanded with the MOTION HDX-V and artificial intelligence. With the MOTION HDX-V, you no longer need to train your own voice to use the system itself or voice assistants such as Siri or Google without pressing any buttons.   
Like the MOTION Infinity, the UCLEAR MOTION HDX-V allows an almost unlimited number of riders to be connected in a group and to use the full-duplex intercom system to talk to each other while riding. The range of the entire group even increases with each additional rider, as UCLEAR uses each headset as a relay station with its MULTI-HOP technology, so that communication is always forwarded to the next available headset. To ensure that, despite the largest groups, conversation is not made impossible by wind noise or other added interference, UCLEAR uses its patented ADVANCED BEAM FORMING (ABF) process, which uses two completely concealed MEMS microphones built into the helmet together with a highly developed DSP algorithm to almost completely separate speech from all background noise (I can hear U CLEAR!).
The headsets are very lightweight and yet extremely robust, waterproof and dustproof.
The only opening on the housing of the headsets is completely sealed via the plug of the speaker / microphone combination. The new HD speakers of the MOTION HDX-V deliver an unrivalled sound for music with rich bass and clear treble in a quality that you are otherwise only used to from very high-quality hi-fi headphones from brand manufacturers. We therefore also offer the speakers as an upgrade for headsets from other manufacturers under the name PULSE (speakers only) or PULSE Plus (with microphone). If you only like listening to music and don't need Bluetooth, you can also use the PULSE speakers in your helmet directly with your smartphone via the cable with the 3.5mm standard audio plug.

Of course, the Motion series also has all the other functions of a premium headset such as music sharing, which continues to play in the background during a conversation, automatic volume adjustment depending on the ambient conditions and more. There is also a free CLEARLink app for iOS or Android, which allows you to control and easily configure the headsets. In addition to the battery status, the app also shows the complete manual, which explains the operation and functions in an easy-to-understand way. As soon as new functions are introduced for the headsets, the latest firmware can also be transferred wirelessly from the smartphone to the headset directly via the CLEARLink app. Otherwise, an update can also be carried out via USB on a PC or MAC.



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