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Firmware Updates

MOTION & AMP Product Owners

Download the ClearLink app to update your firmware directly from your smartphone! 

CLEARLINK (iPhone Download)
CLEARLINK (Android Download)


MOTION Firmware Updates For Computer (Video Tutorials Below)

ModelWindows/PC Version 1.58MAC OS Version Release Notes
Motion Infinity Download Coming soon

Windows version 1.58

Motion 6 Download Coming soon
Motion 4 Lite Download Coming soon

 Firmware Updates

EXO-COM support is provided exclusively by SCORPION SPORTS EUROPE

ModelWindows/PC Version 1.17 Release Notes
Exo-Com Download  

Windows version 1.17


AMP Go 2 Firmware Updates For Computer (Video Tutorials Below) 

ModelWindows/PC Version 1.14Mac OS Version 1.14Release Notes
AMP Go 2 Download Download  


 AMP Firmware Updates For Computer (Video Tutorials Below) 

ModelWindows/PC Version 2.41Mac OS Version 2.41Release Notes
AMP Download Download VIEW
AMP Plus Download Download
AMP Pro Download Download
AMP Go Download Download

Download previous versions of firmware here.

Specialty Application Firmware

Please carefully review release notes before installing specialty application firmware.

ModelWindows/PC VersionMac OS VersionRelease Notes
PTT for Coaches, Tours, etc. AMP Pro PTT Download   INSTRUCTIONS
Snowmobile & Pro Series Microphones AMP Plus Download

AMP Pro Download
  • This release supports a compensation for the high mic sensitivity in the pro mics that can occur in motocross and snowmobile helmets with goggles where the microphones are installed in the mouth guard area


Firmware Update Instructions for Windows:


Firmware Update Instructions for Mac: