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Logo-Bluetooth-5-0  With the new premium Bluetooth headsets of the MOTION series, UCLEAR is the first manufacturer worldwide to introduce headsets for motorcyclists and many other powersports with the very latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology. UCLEAR also adds a number of revolutionary functions such as U-SAFE accident reporting, GESTURE CONTROL via sensors, a dynamic MESH Intercom network for large groups and automatic headset power saving switch via the U-MOVE motion sensor. Bluetooth 5.0 also offers four times the range, twice the speed and eight times the capacity for group communication at lower power consumption.  Bluetooth 5.0 also works with all previous Bluetooth versions and devices, making it for a secure future of Bluetooth intercom systems.

Technology Clearlink Uclear CLEARLink is our free smartphone app that even allows you to wirelessly update the firmware of the UCLEAR AMP and MOTION series and adjust all settings for these communication systems at a touch of a button. The app also displays the headset's battery status and firmware version, as well as interactive tutorials/videos for all the headset's key features and complete user guides. The CLEARLink app is available free of charge for Apple and Android devices and should always be installed to enjoy the full functionality and convenience of UCLEAR headsets.

U-Safe The revolutionary U-SAFE feature of the MOTION Infinity headsets uses an advanced acceleration sensor to detect and measure hard impacts and unusual acceleration patterns on the helmet, similar to those that can occur in an accident. If the U-SAFE function is activated via the app and the alarm was triggered, for example, by a hard blow to the helmet, you have 30 seconds to cancel the alarm. If no reaction occurs or is no longer possible, U-SAFE sends an SMS / email via the connected smartphone to up to three previously stored contacts, to inform them of the possible accident. The message also shows the location with GPS details on a map, as well as the nearby hospitals with contact details. Especially when driving alone or on roads with little traffic or off-road, U-SAFE can inform the rescuers in an emergency even if you are no longer able to do so by yourself.

 Gesture-Controll With BUTTONLESS GESTURE CONTROLUCLEAR has integrated the world's first contactless gesture control into a Bluetooth headset. The headsets of the MOTION series emit a sensor beam sideways after activation of the function. It recognizes simple hand gestures like waving at the height of the headset, as well as the distance of the hand and controls common functions like volume, pause and start of the music as well as the music-titles of the connected smartphone. Since no more keys have to be pressed, the MOTION headsets are no longer a problem to operate even with thick motorcycle gloves or winter gloves..

UCLEAR is also the first manufacturer in the world to present DYNA MESH, the first dynamic MESH-INTERCOM network, with the MOTION headsets. DYNA MESH makes no distinction in the handling or configuration of Bluetooth and/or mesh capable headsets. DYNA MESH connects with mesh and usual Bluetooth headsets and automatically reorganizes itself , when a driver changes position within the group. In combination with UCLEAR's reliable MULTI-HOP technology, the headsets in the group achieve the highest intercom ranges with a constantly stable connection.

 Technology_Multi_Hop-1 UCLEAR already scored with the proven AMP headset series with MULTI-HOP technology, in which each headset in the group also works as a relay station and thus increases the range with each additional user. This proprietary technology is also integrated into the MOTION headsets so that the range from the first to the last driver in a group is theoretically only limited by the number of drivers in between. With MOTION headsets, the maximum range between two headsets is about one kilometre, which increases with each additional driver thanks to MULTI-HOP technology. So even the last driver of a very large group can talk to the leading driver many kilometres ahead, even if he is already out of sight. In short: the more drivers in the group, the greater the range with MULTI-HOP technology!

 Technology_Advanced_Beamforming Advanced Beam Forming (ABF) is UCLEAR's patented technology with Dual-MEMS microphone system, which no longer requires a microphone in front of your mouth. Especially with flip-up helmets a microphone in front of the mouth is often disturbing, which has to be corrected after opening/closing the helmet and can be damaged after frequent use. Depending on the model, the very small but highly sensitive Dual-MEMS microphones are either already installed directly in the loudspeakers or can be mounted via short cables on both sides of the helmet at the level of the temples, eyebrows or, depending on the helmet, also at the level of the lower jaw at the same distance from the mouth. This distance and the triangular shape of the "microphone-mouth-microphone" together with Advanced Beam Forming technology (ABF) and advanced DSP algorithms enable the two MEMS microphones to distinguish between speech and ambient noise very well and to suppress those. UCLEAR headsets deliver the best speech quality even at high speeds and/or in noisy environments.

Technology_Digital_Signal_Processing-1  DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING (DSP) allows UCLEAR headsets to filter a variety of noise types and other acoustic problems using extremely versatile algorithms. This technology is ideal for communication in noisy environments and at high speeds. An effective combination of DSP with the ABF technology allows AMP Pro or MOTION Infinity headsets to combine an almost unlimited number of participants into an intercom group. Since each headset always only transmits the speech, interference noises cannot add up from each additional participant until conversation via the intercom system is no longer possible, as is the case with other manufacturers.

U-Prompt The UCLEAR headsets of the MOTION series understand certain voice commands via U-COMMAND to be able to operate the headset also without keys. For example, voice commands can be used to switch on the intercom, checking the battery level, start music or redial the last telephone number. You can also call contacts directly from the phone list by voice command or, even recite the desired phone number and thereby dial it. The voice commands can also be adapted and trained to your own pronunciation. Many settings and functions are also confirmed or announced by the U-PROMPT voice output of the MOTION Headsets. 
In addition, the MOTION headsets also support speech assistants such as Apple Siri or Google Voice, with which all possibilities of the connected Smartphone can be used to the full with an appropriate Internet connection.

U-MoveTDnNtc0nctaRO U-MOVE is the name of the motion sensors built into the MOTION headsets and, like many other interesting functions, was first integrated into a Bluetooth headset by UCLEAR. The motion sensors ensure that the headset switches off automatically if it is not moved for a certain time. But it also switches the headset on again as soon as you move the helmet or the headset on it. This saves a lot of power and also prevents a totally empty battery if you forget to switch off the headset. Very comfortable: If the headset was not switched off by the switch but by the motion sensor before, it switches on again by the motion sensors as soon as you put your helmet on for the next ride.

 U-Pair6eKqHmYa3mZ2P U-PAIR also allows pairing with Bluetooth headsets from other brands. This is not self-evident, as the Intercom profiles for intercom systems differ greatly from almost all brands and are usually not compatible with each other. The other manufacturer's headset is set to search mode for a smartphone to connect to the UCLEAR headset. On the UCLEAR MOTION headset, you now have to press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds until the LED flashes purple and wait until the two headsets have synchronized. This pairing process only has to be carried out once. Then you can start the intercom as usual and talk to the other headset. The U-PAIR function can also be used to pair to Bluetooth headsets, loudspeakers and hands-free kits, which do not have intercom function themselves. 

E-Z-Button0BontezWx0fVk 1-button access to the most commonly used advanced features, such as intercom pairing, voice commands or quick access to Apple Siri or Google Voice. It's E-Z!

 icon-recording UCLEAR is the only manufacturer to enable the simple recording of all group communication in the CLEARLink App. This is especially pleasing for bloggers/vloggers who want to add some live recordings to their posts. In addition, even a phone call or the instructions from a separate GPS system can be shared with the entire group and recorded.

Uclear Musik Sharing UCLEAR Music sharing allows you to share music from your smartphone
with another rider during a conversation.

Uclear Höchste Studio Audioqualitä UCLEAR offers highest studio audio quality on the market Graphical Equalizer
& Balancer in the CLEARLink App.


Additional information can also be found herewww.ucleardigital.com